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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> hope for a new life after hundreds are rescued from the mediterranean. >> hello, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. we travel to a remote corner of quake-hit nepal to find out how people are surviving without any aid. >> i'm reporting from thitu islands in the south china sea. we'll tell why this is at the center of one of the biggest
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security flash points. >> and how robots are helping stroke patients on a slow rode road to recovery. hello, hundreds of more migrants have been asked rescued from the mediterranean sea. at least ten bodies have been recovered from the water. almost 1800 people have died crossing the mediterranean an amazing 14,000 have made the journey since january. libya is the main transit route for smugglers.
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they made that they make $90,000 per boat load. we go to italy where migrants have been rescued. 126 children were also on board. further north authorities say 40 newborn babies and a number of pregnant women were among the 700 migrants brought to shore. well stephanie dekker witnessed the arrival at the port. >> they approached the port in silence. silhouettes in the dark sky. the boat has just docked and it's quite a powerful moment as many stand silently as the boat comes to shore. they risked a lot to get here. many won't know where they're going from here, but certainly this is one of the first times that they will have felt safe in a very long time. will bealmost 900 people were on
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board. they finally docked in sicily in the early hours of monday morning. >> it never stops. there is not really an emergency but we know this is a chronicle chronicle condition occurring again and again. >> emergency cases first and then one by one thorough screening processes of so many meant that it was slow going. their exhausted-looking faces a hint of what they had been through, we were not allowed to talk with any of them. italy's minister will decide where they will go next. their future remains uncertain but for now they have arrived to a new day after a voyage where they risked their lives. it's a journey that many more will attempt. many will not make it alive.
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>> well, a spokesman for the international organization for migration says that the european union must take more steps to ensure that migrants are saved at sea. >> part of the problem is there is not enough life saving going on at one level and on the other hand there are many more people trying to cross. we're getting an endless rise in numbers. this weekend thankfully, the numbers who died was quite small. there are ten deaths tragic, of course, but not like the numbers could have been had life saving operations had not taken place. we've seen 173,000 so far this year. the italian state way beyond the
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working to save them. the european union by contrast says we'll parole 30 miles off the shore. it's not a life-saving operation. this may account for the huge gap and the huge spike in numbers of deaths. >> israeli foreign minister lieberman has resigned. lieberman is instead joining the opposition. we have the latest from jerusalem. >> it's a major blow to benjamin netanyahu as he intends to get 61 seats in parliament to help him form the next parliament in government. lieberman asked for control of
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operations with the united states. this is a function carried out by the former justice minister. the six seats that lieberman would have brought are seats that netanyahu desperately needed. as it stands he's looking at a very narrow coalition of some 61 seats within the parliament. that's a very narrow coalition indeed and certainly would create a far from stable government. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu has let the ethiopian jewish soldier attacked by police last week. it was caught on camera and sparked a wave of protest in tel aviv on monday. during the needing he said that such behavior cannot be tolerate tolerated and changes will be brought how black israelis are treated. the police used stun grenades against those who were
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protesting against brutality and racism. >> to burundi police say grenade was thrown at protesters protesters. three were killed and 600 were arrested last week. the u.s. has donated money to the refugee camps. the fund willing provide the basic needs healthcare and education and suitable repatriatations. >> this fund something part of our effort to maintain our longstanding commitment and kenya's longstanding commitment to be able to provide haven to
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refugees. what this money will mean is better schools. it means access to health clinics. it means safer housing and clean water to drink. and it will benefit not only refugees but also particularly the kenyan communities who graciously act as hosts. >> al jazeera has a remote village in northern nepal which has been badly affected by last saturday's earthquake. the road has been blocked by landslides meaning vital resources cannot get to residents who are badly in need. >> ruined villages on every mountainside no one is here to help. so they're getting on with it by themselves. but this isn't about rebuilding. this is about--a week after the
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quake there are no tents. further down the mountainside, a proud family man works away. everyone is helping he struggles to hold back tears. >> our lives are gone. how can we rebuild? what can i say? where will we get help? who will help? >> landslides caused by the quake and aftershocks. the road ahead is being blocked for more than a week. one of the first to get through the road ahead is trench treacherous. you can see how much aid is needed though, with one glance of the village. out of 90 homes only four are
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left standing. army patrols pass through in their assessments in search of missing people including foreigners. small amounts of food are left for them but helicopters pass by on other missions. >> this is an an all too familiar scene. will it be enough? without assistance this man who has a wife and baby, doesn't think he'll be able to coke. >> we have nothing. however much we dig there are own stones. we have no food. >> that's what it comes down to survival. not just hardship. and the rain and cold of the monsoon season can be only a month away. andrew simmons nepal.
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>> well, al jazeera is live in the capital of kathmandu. give us the latest on the rescue operations taking place across the country. >> there was a report that indicated that the government had asked rescue teams foreign rescue teams to leave the country. we spoke to the minister a few hours ago and they said that was not the case. they said that all the foreign rescue workers who have come are welcome to stay. but the sad report of rescue operations are now officially closed. now it's a relief operation. you what the government wants to do is to fan out as much aid across the country as they can. we're talking about food, clean water, tents we're talking about blankets, anything that can help make life a little more comfortable from all those who
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have suffered so much from this earthquake. we must remind our viewers that still a lot of hardest hit areas of the country have yet to be reached. it's that difficult getting aid across the country especially to the more mountainous terrain here. so this is going to be very difficult news for the population to accept because even though people, unfortunately, have gotten used to seeing bodies being pulled from the rubble, especially in kathmandu, there was hope that more people would be rescued. and the fact that this rescue operation has been ended that will be another jolt to a population already trauma advertised by thistraumatized by the people in the region. >> we heard a report earlier as well that the sherpas here were no longer going to be taking climbers up the mountain and to mt. everest. there is a reason for that.
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the pathways are too clogged right now. there are climbers still trying to descend from everest base camp. the other reason for that right now most of the sherpas are involved in delivering aid and searching for people. even though this is climbing season and this will take a huge toll on the trekking industry, they just don't have the manpower to continue this because of the devastation caused by the earthquake. the she were pas want to make sure that they're helping their communities as much as possible. >> reporting late into the night in cat plan due kathmandu. we'll meet the migrants who failed to make it across the mediterranean and face life in libya instead. and we'll look at how shortage of affordable house something on the agenda of this
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week's coming elections in the u.k. >> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned".
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>> hello again. a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. there are calls for europe to take more action over the migrant crisis. the people being rescued from people smuggling boats in just three days. foreign minister avigdor lieberman has resigned. and al jazeera has reached a remote village in northern nepal hit by last week's earthquake. badly damaged roads means people
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in rural areas aren't getting any help. well, some of the thousands of migrants who leave africa do manage to make the large desperate journey across the mediterranean. many die trying or have their dreams dashed. right now they've been at sea for over 12 hours. it was a smooth sail. they thought they had made it if it weren't for the libyan cost forward. we caught up with the boat. the coast guard had carried out an overnight rescue operation. five rubber dinghies. men and women young and old. >> youer we want to go to europe. >> the migrants are not happy. they're returning to libya to reach this point they have traveled for weeks sometimes
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months. they have to work to earn enough money to pay for the journey. and to be picked up on a day where there is good weather conditions is a huge disappointment. >> it's back on land in libya that becomes clear how much of a disappointment it is. how hungry they are and how vulnerable they feel. >> please help me. oh please, please. please let me be there. >> their story is one of people trying to escape the turmoil they were born into. [ screaming ] >> and this woman is from ghana and three months pregnant. she was hoping to give birth in italy.
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>> they're hoping to be released soon and try their luck across the mediterranean sea once again. >> the saudi-led coalition said it's considering a humanitarian truce to allow for the delivery of aid inside of yemen. a spokesman has denied it's been using cluster bombs inside the country. human rights watch reports say that there is credible evidence that cluster bombs were used. the syrian army head of logistics has escaped a rebel attempt on its life. the al-qaeda linked al nusra front has claimed responsibility. one person has died in an attack in afghanistan. the explosion happened early on
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monday. the bomber targeted a bus returning from returning from the attorney general's office. 15 others were injured. military in the south china seas are being fought over once again. they are claimed by taiwan, vietnam and the philippines. the islands where filipinos say they're being harassed by chinese fishermen.s,hitu one of the largest islands in the south china seas. they're controlled. around 200 people have been living here since the early '70s. it's a community that is
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relatively self sustaining. there is a health center, a school, a police station and even an airstrip and residents say they have been living peacefully here for many, many years. but that is slowly starting to change. these are troubled times. he said that fishermen like him are being harassed by bigger vessels from china and they're inching ever close. >> they use cyanide so there are no fish in the area. we cannot go "g" out far because we're afraid of them. >> the south china sea is believed to be home to oil and gas reserves and worth billions of dollars in trade. several countries claim the area. but it's china's actions that seem to be the most aggressive. it's claimed that several reefs in the area and it's vessels have been deemed provocative. >> i don't expect imminent
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occupation by military force but it's what the chinese call their cabbage strategy, to make it difficult to have more fisher boats, patrol boats to go around the area. this is like a trap. the chinese basically are trying to to achieve their objective without firing a single shot. >> the chinese are building closer relationships in the united states. there has been filed a landmark case seeking to have china's claims invalid under the laws of the sea. >> we must get a favorable ruler in the arbitration case. secondly we must maintain a credible self defense course. >> thitu literally means hope. that's exactly what people like
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larry is hoping for a chance for peaceful coexistence in the region currently lost in the web of claims. al jazeera thitu islands in the south china sea. >> there are three days left until the u.k. general election. the economy and concern about immigrants are the dominant themes in and there are the worries of putting a roof over their head, especially the young people. >> an acute shortage of property in the capital but this isn't catering to the people. an one-bedroom flat here costs over $1 million, and most of them are already sold.
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they are marketed not to londoners but wealthy foreign investors. >> the center of london tends to streakto attract middle eastern and far easterners who are investing for their pension or for their children down the road. one of europe's biggest housing estate is slated for demolition. this woman has lived here for 20 years. if the wrecking ball comes here she'll be out of london because there will be no way she can afford the prices. >> they're forcing us to go to the outskirts of london or outside of london, small towns.
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because the moment we can't afford to live in london any more. >> they are able to charge thousands a month in rent. the cranes move in, they protest but the drowns of the capital drown the voices out. >> we want to live in london. this is our last stand against social cleansing of inner london london.
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>> tony blair was's government was the government that began to tear down these places. >> thousands of young people have had to move out of the capital entirely. failed by applications and a market dominated by rich investors. lawrence lee al jazeera. in london. >> 15 million people suffer a stroke each year. it is a major cause of
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disability worldwide. but those fortunate enough to have access to rehabilitation can itit can be a slow and frustrating process. that's why in london a team has brought robots to help. >> eight years ago amanda suffered a stroke. she managed to relearn how to walk but never regained full use of her arm or hand. she's now undergoing a treatment where she uses robots to relearn movements. >> your mind is taking off the arm but you still have to use the arm. so the machine actually guides you through the program and it's the lovely feeling because naturally you can maneuver it in the way that your left hand
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works. >> the team says that 500 repetitions of a movement is needed in each session to make lasting change. the robots allow them to achieve this in a more focused way. >> by doing a high number of repetitions we get dose and intensity. we know from animal studies that you need hundreds of reputations repetitions in order to get those benefits. >> the hand and arm musts muscles of stroke sufferers can often stiffen. use of robots will help in treatment but it won't replace all of treatment. >> we won't replace therapists to do the on- hands-on stuff because it won't know which muscles need strengthening.
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>> in a number of hospitals around the world are now looking at using stroke rehab robots. the patients appear willing to get all the help they can. al jazeera. >> now there is much more on our website. the address to click on to >> new details in the shooting of a controversial art exhibition in texas. now the fbi is investigating what led to people to open fire as organizers show cartoons of the prophet muhammad. the g.o.p. field keeps growing with two more candidates announcing their bids for the white house. and in need of